Promotional Products: The Only Advertising Your Audience Will Thank You For

  • Aug 17, 2017


Consumers like promotional products.  Who doesn't enjoy receiving something something thoughtful, useful and fun?  Because of this, promotional products continue to have a key role in advertising.  Compared to other forms of advertising such as broadcast, online, mobile and print, promotional products have a higher advertising reach and recall, a more positive resonance and are more likely to provide an incentive to take action.


“Promotional products allow brands to directly affect consumer lifestyles and maximize recall by organically integrating into everyday routines at work, home or play.”



When your company gives a promotional product, that item is likely to create exposure to your brand long after the initial event.   In fact, 81% of consumers will keep a promotional product longer than 1 year!

Promotional products also provide the opportunity to expand their reach when the item is passed along to another user.  8 out of 10 consumers will pass along their promotional product to someone else if they choose to not keep the item.


How Long Consumers Keep a Promotional Item



Because promotional products become a part of a consumer’s everyday life, the recall rate is very high.  When asked (unaided) about branded promotional items, 83% of consumers can recall at least one brand on a promotional product they received.   If you want your company, message or call to action to be remembered, get it on a promotional product!



Connecting with consumers on an emotional level is key to running a successful advertising campaign.  Promotional products are very effective at making an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand.  When given a promotional item, the top five emotions felt by consumers are happy, interested, thankful, appreciative, and impressed. 

Consumers were asked why certain promotional products resonate with them.  The responses are interesting and show the trends in popular types of promotional products.


10 Reasons Recipients Keep Promotional Items



Once your brand has resonated with a consumer, you want to spark action in that consumer.   The effectiveness of promotional products is proven by the fact that 83% of consumers reported that they are more likely to do business with a brand from which they received a promotional product over other competitive brands.

If you are looking to attract the Millennial group, promotional products should be in your marketing toolbox.  

"Roughly 8 in 10 (79 percent) consumers said they have looked up a brand after receiving a promotional product.  Promotional products drove the most interest among Millennial recipients, 87 percent of whom where curious enough to take further action"



When asked to rate the most effective means of advertising, consumers agreed that promotional products is the most effective advertising channel.



Take a look at your marketing and adverting plans and make sure you include promotional products.  These items are proven successful due to their stellar performance in reach, recall, resonance and reaction metrics.  Give us a call or contact us by email to integrate promotional products into your marketing plans!


Source: 2017 PPAI Consumer Study conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

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