Promotional Product Trends in 2017

  • Aug 10, 2017


As more and more products roll out this year, we can clearly see the trends for 2017.  Overall, quality is a focus in every product category as consumers desire more from their promotional products.  Suppliers are bringing quality products to the table with the styling, packaging and functionality consumers are after.  We are excited about the new products we have seen this year, and hope to see even more in 2018! 


Retail Details

It's all about the retail details in the styling, materials and presentation of products this year.  Not only are there more retails brands available, but the small details that elevate a product are more prevalent such as small pockets and embellishments.  We are also seeing many of the retail colors such as grays, transitional colors, and wood grain.  

There are more options for "trendy" products and designs in each product category - bags that look like they came from a boutique, water bottles that meet the latest trends, and apparel made with soft fabric and quality stitching.  This is a trend we love and expect to continue.



Customer Experience

Companies are working hard to improve the customer experience and promotional products are a perfect fit for this goal.  Promotional products inherently enhance the customer's brand experience because the promotional item can be integrated into the customer's daily life and into places that the brand may not.  For example, Ford might hand out S'well water bottles to people that test drive a new Ford car or truck.  The consumer then takes the water bottle into their kitchen, living room and work space - places where the Ford brand would not normally be found.  The consumer is now experiencing the Ford brand day in and day out by using the branded water bottle.

In addition to extending a brand's reach into a consumer's daily life, promotional products can also enhance the customer experience through custom packaging.  Custom packaging is an inexpensive way to promote your message, turn any product into a gift and increase the perceived value.  A few examples of custom packaging are custom sleeves around journals, custom printed retail boxes for water bottles and gift packaging.



 Multi-Feature Products

Why do just one thing when you can do two? Standout products that pull double duty include a French press coffee mug, a seed paper postcard that can be planted,  and a bluetooth speaker/ digital clock.  Products that are functional in more than one way provide more opportunity to make a lasting impression. 

Since not every product can have dual functionality, kitting products is becoming popular as well.  Pair a car care kit to a tailgating package, a chef knife to a cutting board, or touchscreen gloves with an ice scraper. The possibilities are endless! 


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