Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Oct 23, 2018

Corporate Holiday Gift Guide


One of the questions we hear a lot is… “What should I give my _____ for the holidays?”  Fill in the blank with clients, employees, business associates or all three!  To help out, we put together our favorite corporate holiday gift ideas for clients and employees.


Before we jump into the holiday gift ideas, we also have a few tips to make your corporate holiday gift selection a little easier. 

Tip #1 – Determine you budget.  This includes both your total budget for all gifts and what you would like to spend per person or per gift.  All of our search pages can be sorted by price to save you time when searching for ideas.


Tip #2 – Consider how the gifts will be distributed.  Will the holiday gifts be shipped individually to the client/employee or will the gifts be distributed in person by a salesperson, supervisor or holiday desk drop?  If the gifts will be mailed individually, don’t forget to include those shipping costs in your budget.


Tip #3 – Determine your timeline.  When do you want the gifts to be delivered?  Some items take longer to produce than others.  If you are short on time, let us know!  We can turn some items in as little as 24 hours.  Also, food gifts make fantastic last minute gifts because they all come with beautiful packaging and can be imprinted and shipped out quickly.


Tip #4 – Are you giving gifts to individuals or groups of individuals?  For example, a large tower of treats might be more cost effective and make a fun presentation if you would like to send a nice gift to a group of individuals in an office or department.


Tip #5 – Is there a commonality among the group that will be receiving gifts?  If your clients are mostly outdoorsy people, consider a nice flashlight, hat or cooler.  Real estate companies might want to send out a super soft blanket or candle, and travel industry companies may lean towards travel items such as power banks, packing blocks, or dopp kits.


Tip #6 – What kind of packaging do you need?  Holiday gifts that will be hand delivered will probably require different packaging than a drop shipped item.  If you are giving a copper-insulated tumbler to all your employees and will distribute them through a desk drop, a card or tag could be all you need for packaging.  However, gifts that are shipped individually may require a custom packaging to make the initial festive impression.  We offer many different packaging options to make the process easier for you.


And now on to the fun… the gifts!


Food Gifts

Food gifts continue to be the most popular holiday gift category.  We all love to receive a little treat during the holidays or something we can share while entertaining our family and friends.  Gift options that include a branded item like a cutting board will last long after the food has been enjoyed.

Cozy Holiday Treats Tote with Tumbler 

Plaid Tidings Sweet Treats

Park Avenue Tower

Bali Retreat & Relax Tote with Water Bottle



Drinkware is a great gift choice because everyone can use a nice looking, high performing tumbler, mug or water bottle.  Plus, many of the drinkware options are budget friendly but with a high perceived value.  There are so many styles and colors to choose from, we are sure to find the perfect tumbler, mug or water bottle that will keep your logo front and center all year long.


Tech Items and Accessories

Tech items are well received by all ages because they are useful.  And, who doesn’t like to receive a new gadget?  Some of the trending gifts this year include higher capacity power banks, wireless chargers and wireless headphones. 


Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones




Stationary and Writing Instruments

We may love our screens, but paper is in.  Just ask Justin Timberlake.   He included a custom Moleskine journal at his Man of the Woods pop-up shop in NYC earlier this year.  Beautiful custom journals and notebooks paired with a great pen make a classic gift that everyone can use. 






Home Goods 

Life isn’t all about work, so give something that your clients or employees can enjoy away from the office.   We have lots of retail inspired products like blankets, coolers, and candles that subtly include your logo and are useful at home.






Holiday Ornaments

Many companies choose to give an ornament each year, and these ornaments become collectibles for clients and employees.  Custom ornaments made of pewter, wood and crystal are among the favorites.


Bags and Totes

Show your appreciation with a nice bag, duffel or backpack.  From value choices to high-end retail lines, we have great options for every budget.  Pro Tip – Add another gift such as a wearable or food gift inside the bag for extra impact.



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